Dmitrijus Monastyreckis | Cinematographer
1st assistant camera | 2nd assistant camera

Alma mater:

2019-2020 | Sheridan College, Canada

  •    Advanced Television and Film (Post-Graduate certificate)

2015-2018 | Vilnius College of Technologies and Design

  •    Multimedia design (bachelor)

2009-2014 | ISM University of Management and Economics

  •    Economics (bachelor)


2017 - 2019 | LNK TV

  • News cameraman for LNK - one of the biggest TV channels in Lithuania.

Film set experience:

  • "House arrest" - DP (ATVF short)

  • "The Big day" - DP (ATVF short)

  • "dEricK" - 1st AD (ATVF short)

  • "The Mistake" - Director (ATVF short)

  • "The Mistake" - 1st AC (ATVF short)

  • "The Bridge" - 2nd AC (indie short)

  • "Penny Appeal - Home office" - 2nd AC (Commercial)

  • "Night Lovell - Counting down my list" - Swing / Grip (Music video)

  • "Bite" commercial - spark.

  • "The House" - 3rd AD (ATVF short)

  • "Disturbances" - Gaffer (ATVF short)

  • "Disturbances" - Grip (ATVF short)

  • Documentary "My waking nightmare" - Cinematographer

  • Documentary "How fandom changed my life" - Director

  • Documentary "Dancing in the cold" - Director, camera op.

Short info about myself:

I started taking photos and film short videos in 2010. Mostly, it was related with my travels. 

I was a professional rock climber till 2014. Participated in Europe and World Championships (bouldering category). Organized many climbing competitions in Lithuania. I am one of the main organizers of Lithuanian Bouldering Championship (2015-2018). 

In 2013, I started freelancing as both, photographer and videographer under the name of "Chakra Brothers". Mainly summer events, like festivals, music shows and some weddings.

Had a short collaboration with "Red Bull" in July of 2015. Filmed a short teaser and a TV report for the "100-mecio oro švente" in Kaunas.

In 2015, moved to Vilnius and started studying Multimedia design in VTDK college. 2016 - 2017 began a collaboration with JDM.LT - the organizers of the automotive festival "Chill'n'grill". Did a series of vlogs and filmed short documentary about the event in 2017.

In August of 2017, I was responsible for the livestream & video projections in a musical project that took place in the Seimas palace -  "Baltic wave III. Black Ribbon day".

In February of 2018, I went to Turkey to film my bachelor project - a short documentary about highline.

In May of 2018 - together with a team, participated in the "make a short film in 72 hours" challenge - Odiseja72.​ The film is called "Pluto juros nepasieks".

Made an aftermovie for the festival "Menuo Juodaragis XXI" in August, 2018.

Together with VTDK students, created a commercial for Uoga uoga company in December, 2018. 

In 2019, continued working as a news cameraman and did some side projects, like commercials and short documentaries. In spring, helped other VTDK students and was a DP for 2 bachelor projects - a short film about the concept of beauty and a short hybrid film about ballet.

In April of 2019, I got accepted into Sheridan college, moved to Canada in August and I'm currently studying in ATVF program in Oakville.

The ATVF program consist of 2 masterclasses: I chose "Directing" and "Camera". To this day, I have worked on 3 projects as a director, 2 - as an Assistant Director, and many projects in camera positions, e.g. DP, 1st AC, gaffer, grip.

2020 was a challenging year, but towards the end, I managed to work on a few projects outside of school. Indie short film "The Bridge" - was a 2nd AC, a music video for Night Lovell - Counting Down The List - worked as a Swing / grip and the last project before coming back home - a commercial for Penny Appeal Canada commercial - worked as a 2nd AC.

In 2021, I got back to Lithuania and worked on a few projects:

2 day shoot in Ukmerge & Vilnius for "Drive safely" commercials - was the 1st AC. And a short "Bite" commercial - as spark.

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Working at Heights

Elevated Work Platform (Lift)

Personal gear:

Panasonic Lumix GH5

Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm f/2.8

Lumix G Vario 45-150mm f/4-5.6

Personality test:




+370 655 15987


Some BTS photos from various productions: